Posted on: December 22, 2008 7:18 pm

Monday After!

Yesterday was a good day for football! First off, I finally made it to a championship round in Fantasy football, and destroyed my opponent. Second the Raiders one.....finally. and third.....just good games and upsets around the league.

Obviously the Bears and Packers still have to play tonight but I didnt do to well on my picks this week. I only got 9 right. I was suprised at the Titans beating the Steelers, and the Chargers beating the Buccs, and the Eagles losing to the Skins. The Jets losing to the Seahaws isnt what I expected, but Im not suprised. The Raiders winning was a pleasant suprise as well.

I'll post more tomarrow so I can talk about all the games including tonights game.

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Posted on: December 21, 2008 4:03 am

First Blog~!

This is is my first blog! I'm happy about that I guess. I'm basically just gonna post my thoughts on whats going on in the NFL, and probably mostly the Raiders, who of course are my favorite team. I will probably post all my weekly picks, unfortunatly this years season is almost over....but eh whatever. Anyways, this weeks picks-

  • Colts @ Jags

Honestly I think this is going to be a good game, but the Colts are just a much better team, and are playing to clinch a spot in the playoffs as a wild card. Jags are at home, and Maurice Jones Drew is a monster, but Manning will rip apart Jacksonvilles secondary. My prediction is 28-17 Colts take it and clinch a wildcard spot.

  • Ravens @ Cowboys

Farewell to Texas stadium! Will the Cowboys send her off on a good note? NO! I say the Ravens defense will shutdown the Cowboys in a low scoring defensive bloodbath kind of like how the pittsburgh game was last week but not wuite that good. I say Ravens take it, and pretty much destroy the Cowboys post season hopes. My prediction is 13-10 Baltimore.

  • Bengals @ Browns

This one will be an ugly game. Both teams are having bad seasons, and who ever wins this game will not win it by playing great football. It will be decided by whose offense scores more, because both defenses stink. The browns are on there 3rd string QB, and the Bengals QB is a joke. I'm gonna go with Cincinatti, just because they have some better players, and they did okay last week against the Redskins. Prediction is 24-21 Bengals with a last minute field goal for the win!

  • Saints @ Lions

I wish I could see the Lions win a game this year, I feel horrible for their fans, and there good players like Calvin Johnson.....but they wont win this one against Brees and the Saints. Prediction - 35-21 Saints

  • Cardinals @ Patriots

This should be a good one, but the Cards dont have too much to play for right now. They already have their post season locked in. Why not take it easy and keep there best players healthy. However, the Patriots are the exact opposite. They have to win, and I think they will. The Cards have allowed more passing TD's than anyother team in the NFL. Matt Cassell, Moss, and Welker will exploit that. Billicheck will have his troops ready. Prediction - 31-24 Pats take it and keep there playoff push alive.

  • Steelers @ Titans

This game is going to be awesome!!! I love these games, even though they are fantasy football players worst nightmares. It's gonna be tough and hard hitting. Titans are mostly a running team with that "smash and dash" thing they got goin, but it wont work against the Steelers. Kerry Collins is nothing special. I expect Big Ben to be under pressure a lot as well. I see Pittsburgh coming out on top in a bloody one, and taking the AFC #1 seed. Prediction - 13-6 Steelers

  • 49ers @ Rams

49ers would be stupid to not keep Singletary at the helm next year! He has done wonders for this team. They are playing great Football right now, and in the offseason, if they make the right choices in the draft, and cut some fat and work the free agency right they could be a contender with Singletarty and Martz ahead of this team! Rams are horrible this year. Prediction- 24-7 San Francisco

  • Dolphins @ Chiefs

Chiefs have been good lately, and really want that 3rd win, especially at home. I just can't see that happening against this playoff hopeful Miami team. They know they are in a must win situation, and probably won't screw it up. Prediction - 17-13 in a close one.

  • Chargers @ Buccaneers

Both teams are in the playoff hunt technically. San Diego is somewhat of a long shot because they need to win all the rest of there games, and the Broncos have to lose the rest of theres too. I doubt that will happen. I actually dont see the Chargers beating this Buccs team who are in a tight race for the post season in the NFC. Prediction - 21-16 Tampa Bay

  • Bills @ Broncos

Broncos started out so well this season but have lost there edge. I say that the Broncos light them up in Denver and clinch the AFC West once and for all. I predict it will be 34-10 Denver.

  • Jets @ Seahawks

I don't know about this one. Jets have terribly on the West coast this year.They do have the playoffs on the line, and Favre is a veteran guy who wont snap under pressure. If the seahawks have Hasselbeck back it will be close, but if not, I see the Jets taking it by a small margin. Prediction - 28-23 Jets

  • Texans @ Raiders

 GO Raiders!!! Will they win? Probably not. I hope they do, they are my favorite team, and we are due for an upset for sure. If Cable wakes up and uses McFadden more in the Offense, the O-Line steps up and protects Russell a bit more, and the Defense does its job it will happen. I hope they win but unfortunatly my prediction is 21-14 Houston.

P.s Congrats to Nnamdi and Lechler for making it to the pro bowl!

  • Falcons @ Vikings

This is pretty much a playoff game for the Vikings. The Bears are right behind them and one slip up could cost them the season. They are having some QB turmoil in Minnesota, and the Falcons are playing good ball. If the Falcons can stop Peterson, they will win. My prediction is 29-25 Falcons on top.

  • Eagles @ Redskins

I think that the Eagles are gonna get into the playoffs. The Skins are cooling off because Portis is banged up. Eagles are on fire right now. I say Eagles in a boring game. 33-20

  • Panthers @ Giants

I don't care what they say, they are missing Plaxico for sure, and without Brandon Jacobs the Giants are just an average team. Panthers are playing outstanding football right now. average team against a outstanding one.....I'm going with the Panthers for the upset! Prediction - 27-24 in either OT or with a last second field goal dramatic type finish.

  • Packers @ Bears

I think the Bears are going to sneak into the playoffs instead of the Vikings. I think they will win this must win game, win next week against the Texans and win there division. Green Bay has been some what of a dissapointment. Mostly there banged up defense and the lack of running game this year. Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennings are definatly stars though. Prediction - 21-10 Bears


Thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed it.

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